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Remi AI Simulation
Supply Chain and Promotions Simulation
Combating COVID-19 with data

How artificial intelligence can help businesses mitigate and manage their supply chain risks in the volatile COVID-19



Allow A.I to explore your data in a risk free way


Simulation is a powerful, pain-free way for you to explore the impact of decisions made in the present or near future can have on your business.


Targeting Supply chain and Promotion, Remi AI Simulation module enlivens your plans by allowing you to toggle various levers involved in a decision, all in the safety of a computer simulation.


Built using historical data

Simulations, as the name suggests, involve building a computer environment that can then be explored by a user or an A.I agent. We use historical data to simulate environments for promotional and inventory spending, and allow an A.I agent to test decisions based on constraints set by the user. In this way, the simulations is entirely tailored to your business.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 2.21.02 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 1.50.52 pm.png


Easily accept the recommended settings

Scenario analysis without recommendations is little more than a toy. The Remi AI simulation module allows users to easily action the recommendations produced by the A.I agent that has explored the simulation. This module allows executives and managers the confidence to allocate their inventory and promotional budgets knowing their decision is backed by an A.I that has explored millions of permutations before arriving at the recommendation.


"What if we change our inventory on hand target?"

The intuitive Remi AI simulation module allows users to alter the simulation parameters to  allow the A.I to investigate different eventualities. This is essentially an advanced form of scenario analysis with an A.I agent making the decisions in the environment that a user has defined. The adaptable nature of this interface is exceptionally powerful for businesses looking to use their capital effectively across inventory and promotions.

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Simulation in action

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