Remi AI Consulting Services
Transform your business with custom-built ai solutions

Remi AI offers consulting services with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, implementation, bespoke solutions, A.I education and your broader A.I strategy.

Our Specialisations. 

Applied Reinforcement Learning
& Simulation
Natural Language Analysis & Generation
Computer Vision

Some examples of our Work

Predictive Maintenance Platform
for International Wholesale Distributor
Intelligent Document Extraction Platform for leading Australian Mortgage Broker
Companion Therapy Robot 
SEO Optimisation with Generative Adversarial Networks
Pedestrian Analysis through Image Recognition
Identification of High Value Customers


Create Value in Your Business

"We try to only work on projects where we can deliver real value." 

Automate that data-heavy decision process, not only freeing up your time but often delivering improved performance in repetitive tasks. Find that insight buried deep within your customer data. Leverage the power of Reinforcement Learning to supercharge your business processes.

Finding Efficiency for You

"Work smarter not harder" 

Your business is yours, and is like no other. As such, the data you generate is unique. We know that the same solution we’ve used before will no doubt need to be built for your purposes, and we love that. The beautiful thing about AI is its adaptability. Our custom algorithms are trained on your data and thus their results are tailored to your business. Are you ready to find a great solution to a complex problem together?

Reinforcement Learning & Simulation

"Find novel approaches to complex problems" 

Since we started as a business our focus has been on reinforcement learning. Because Reinforcement Learning does not learn exclusively from human-labelled data, it can find novel and unique approaches to complex problems. 

Client Testimonials

Sara Stace - Super Loci

"The team at Remi AI delivered fast and delivered a great solution."

AI Software Development Process


  • Client Discussions

  • Initial Data Analysis

  • Project Scoping

  • Allocate the Team


  • Agile Methodology

  • Client Report Each Sprint

  • Internal Testing Process

  • Integration Testing


  • Final Testing of the Build

  • Ship the Build

  • Client Testing Process

  • Resolve any bugs


  • Knowledge transfer

  • Bug Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring

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