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The best decisions

Running a business today, in the age of the internet and data, is a complex challenge of constant decision-making, data analysis and trying to guess market movements.


Our mission is to leverage machine learning to unsurface the most important information and to deliver the best decisions for businesses every day. 


Engineering Excellence

Running a business is tough and demanding, so you want your key tools to be simple. 


Making Remi AI simple, focused, and immediately understandable is hard work, but it's a critical part of our mission because we recognise that fast-growing businesses don't have time to waste.

We are a team of  machine learning engineers, data scientists and designers, and we hold the products we craft to the highest standard.


We believe that exceptionally engineered systems are the cornerstone of a building mission-critical products that support businesses in their everyday decisions. 

Key Facts

Where We're Going.

Companies around the world are using Remi AI to help them make the mission-critical decisions across their pricing and supply chains.

With Remi AI, companies are capitalising on major opportunities across their operations. Supply Chain Managers are directing resources more effectively.

E-Commerce Analysts are making smarter pricing decisions. Fashion Labels are changing the way they

price their catalogues. Vineyards are managing their bottling in smarter ways. 

We are working to build a future in which the machine learning that was initially only in the hands of Fortune 100 companies is readily available for all. Where companies and individuals can utilise their data to help them make the best decision every day.