With good data and machine learning, two of the most critical cornerstones of business operations, pricing and supply chain, can be transformed from reactive to proactive. 

Our Platform drives Pricing and Supply Chain Decisions across 3 continents and over 13 million products. 


We're on a mission to help businesses leverage 

machine learning to help them make the best decisions, daily.  


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Our Values

Drive Client Success

Create Cool Shit

Challenge the Incumbents

Delivering actionable insight to our clients is why Remi exists.


We want to give the tools of the successful giants to everyone.

Success look different to different clients, Remi understands this, and the platform reflects it.

Powerful.  Beautiful.  Functional. Choose innovation over imitation every time.

Remi is tackling some of the hardest problems in business by building a solution that has never been built before. Something we’re proud of and would want to use if we were in the industry.

Take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere to create not just a great platform, but an awesome company.

Our competitors are bigger than us in every metric, but we've found our clients care about results, not size.

And the results are good.

Don't be an asshole

Fail fast. Learn. Improve.

The Best Idea Wins.

Your teammates
Your clients
Your partners
Your environment
The environment

Mistakes are inevitable, repeated mistakes are costly. 


Grow from mistakes, and  share as we learn so we don’t have everyone making the same mistake on their way through. 


Once we understand something, can we improve it?

Foster an environment where the best idea wins, no matter who it comes from. Encourage robust debate driven by a core notion of always doing what is best for Remi.

Key Facts

$100,000,000 worth of stock under management

Offices in US
& Australia

Delivering daily decisions for 3 of Fortune 100

Where We're Going.

Companies around the world are using Remi AI to help them make the mission-critical decisions across their pricing and supply chains.

With Remi AI, companies are capitalising on major opportunities across their operations. Supply Chain Managers are directing resources more effectively.

E-Commerce Analysts are making smarter pricing decisions. Fashion Labels are changing the way they

price their catalogues. Vineyards are managing their bottling in smarter ways. 

We are working to build a future in which the machine learning that was initially only in the hands of Fortune 100 companies is readily available for all. Where companies and individuals can utilise their data to help them make the best decision every day.