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With good data and machine learning, two of the most critical cornerstones of business operations, pricing and supply chain, can be transformed from reactive to proactive. 

Our Platform drives Pricing and Supply Chain Decisions across 3 continents and over 13 million products. 


We're on a mission to help businesses leverage 

machine learning to help them make the best decisions, daily.  


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Our Values

Drive Client Success

Create Cool Shit

Challenge the Incumbents

Delivering actionable insight to our clients is why Remi exists.


We want to give the tools of the successful giants to everyone.

Success look different to different clients, Remi understands this, and the platform reflects it.

Powerful.  Beautiful.  Functional. Choose innovation over imitation every time.

Remi is tackling some of the hardest problems in business by building a solution that has never been built before. Something we’re proud of and would want to use if we were in the industry.

Take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere to create not just a great platform, but an awesome company.

Our competitors are bigger than us in every metric, but we've found our clients care about results, not size.

And the results are good.

Don't be an asshole

Fail fast. Learn. Improve.

The Best Idea Wins.


  • Your teammates

  • Your clients

  • Your partners

  • Your environment

  • The environment

Mistakes are inevitable, repeated mistakes are costly. 


Grow from mistakes, and  share as we learn so we don’t have everyone making the same mistake on their way through. 


Once we understand something, can we improve it?

Foster an environment where the best idea wins, no matter who it comes from. Encourage robust debate driven by a core notion of always doing what is best for Remi.

Key Facts

More than $7,000,000,000 worth of stock under management

Offices in US
& Australia

Delivering daily decisions for 3 of Fortune 100

Where We're Going.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence, or machine learning, can do a better job of inventory management, forecasting and pricing than a person using an Excel spreadsheet or a similar rules-based methodology.

Our process evolves as our research deepens. We constantly apply the latest AI tools to supply chain challenges, measuring our results against rules-based methods to contextualise the innovations we discover.


When we formed in 2014, AI was largely focused in academic and research spaces, it was challenging to create and engage with, and rarely used in business operations. We have now worked on many projects, applying our research to the varied business problems of our clients, processing their data with machine learning technology. We learned from all of these experiences, and the machines learned with us, and together we developed consistent and safe systems. 

Development has been led by predictive technologies that sift through data, identifying patterns and then predicting outcomes, and more recently, through improvements in decision-making technology. We are confident that with AI, we can handle the minutiae of supply chain management, leaving organisations with more time for complex strategic processes and decisions.

We are working to build a future in which the machine learning that was initially only in the hands of Fortune 100 companies is readily available for all.

Where companies and individuals can utilise their data to help them make the best decision every day

Our Origin Story

Conversations over coffees and beers lead us here.

Remi AI began when one of our founders, Alasdair Hamilton was studying a Masters of Philosophy in the UK, where he attended a lecture by Demis Hassabis, CEO and co-founder of DeepMind. Alasdair didn’t have a background in Computer Science, but was blown away by what he heard, sparking a fascination in AI and how it was going to transform the world.


Upon returning to Sydney, Alasdair was speaking with his brother Calum, who was studying a Masters of Business. Calum shared he was thinking of starting a company, whilst Alasdair explained his developing interest in AI. The brothers decided to start a business focused on AI, and they shared this news with Calum’s best friend Eamonn Barrett, who wanted to be in the start-up space and could see the enormous potential of the nascent technology

During this time, Shahrad Jamshidi was completing a PhD in Applied Mathematics, and his studies had pushed him in the direction of data science. Shahrad went to high school with Alasdair’s partner, and one night when she and Shahrad met up for a beer, Alasdair tagged along. It was there that he and Shahrad discovered they had both been exploring the possibilities of machine learning, and at the end of the night they decided to meet again; Calum joined, and it was in that moment, over a coffee in Parramatta that their respective lives converged to form Remi.

Thanks to all who have followed us along the way

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