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Remi ai
We deliver autonomous software for supply chain, price optimisation and custom requirements.
For over 5 years we've been building reinforcement learning and ML solutions to deliver intelligent automation to business problems. 

We’re an artificial intelligence company with offices in the US and Australia. We deliver autonomous software solutions to complex business operations including Supply Chain, Pricing Strategy, Digital Operations and Maintenance. 

Work with us to bring artificial intelligence solutions to your business operations. No hype or salespeople, just a team of highly motivated and experienced specialists. We pride ourselves on our transparency and our long list of successfully delivered ai solutions that manage a wide range of business operations. 

The Remi AI  team combines decades of varied experience in reinforcement learning, machine learning and probabilistic programming. 

We work with a diverse client base, from PwC & Coca Cola Amatil, to small, high-growth E-Commerce Companies. All our clients have unique needs and we work to deliver intelligent, data focused, engineering solutions. 

Auto Machine Learning Solutions for

Supply Chain

Demand Forecasting &

Auto Supply Chain Platform


Digital & SEO Tools

Price Optimisation

Pricing Strategies

and Optimisation

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Meet some of the Team



Our Prediction Platform.

Super Loci

Our Urban Design and Pedestrian Modelling Platform.


Our Award Winning Digital Marketing Platform.

Remi AI
We build advanced artificial intelligence tools to make your business smarter. 

Work directly with our AI platforms to increase the intelligence of your business. They're powerful tools that allow you to quickly leverage artificial intelligence across your business. We have delivered award-winning platforms for AI marketing, inventory management, product recommendations, website customisation, financial classification and prediction and many other areas. 

These platforms are deployed at critical commercial and non-profit institutions in Australia and the US, solving and managing complex problems across a range of business requirements. 


If you're looking to bring advanced A.I into your business, please contact us.

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