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Driving supply chains, forward

We’re a state of the art machine learning platform that supports critical decisions across retail and Ecommerce supply chains.

Meet Remi AI

AI for everyone. We’re an advanced AI supply chain platform for Ecommerce and retail companies of all sizes. Our mission is to deliver the AI methods of the Fortune 100 to all companies.
Including AI Forecasting, Supply Chain Simulation & Optimization, Replenishment Optimization, and What-If Analysis through Simulation.

AI Demand Forecasting technology

Futureproofing with Demand Forecasting

The pioneering AI Demand Forecasting Platform is based in custom built AutoML management, meaning that that every one of your products is assigned it’s own forecasting algorithm and is regularly assessed against performance benchmarks

2. Product Cannibalisation analysis
4. Modelling and Simulation
3. New product launch forecasting
1. Multi-Variate Demand Sensing
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Remi AI Optimization and Simulation

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For the first time, the advanced simulation and optimisation capabilities of the Fortune 100 are now available in a User Friendly Platform for everyone.
The Remi AI Platform comes with standard Simulations for Promotion Optimization and Replenishment Orders under Budgets and we also build bespoke Simulations on top of your data streams.

Replenishment Optimization. Promotion Analysis. Pricing

Let AI identify your opportunities

From Lost Sales, to Dynamic Pricing, to Replenishment Optimization, to Product Trends, the Remi AI platform is constantly monitoring your data streams to unearth the largest financial opportunities across your business.

Case Studies


Increase stock availability through accurate demand planning in a dynamic environment

Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Increase stock availability through accurate demand planning with a long supply chain

Fortune 100 Manufacturer

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