Remi AI Partners With Wolf & Bear Collective for Price & Promotion Optimization!

No one would deny that artificial intelligence has been in vogue for a decade or more. And the folks at Remi AI consider themselves a bunch of fashionistas who blur the lines between office and hipster chic, but now these two worlds collide. We’re proud to announce we’re partnering with a clothing brand looking to change the world with sustainability as their focus.

Wolf & Bear Ambassadors Danni Parr and Elise Kellett

Wolf & Bear Collective is a Sydney-based business with an eye for sustainable and ethical fashion that is also making an indelible mark on consumers with their unique style. With a goal of having zero impact on the environment through using water-based inks, natural materials, recycled cotton neck labels, and recyclable/compostable packaging,

the Wolf & Bear live and breath sustainability.

Founders Vanessa Wakeman (The Wolf) and Harry Parker (The Bear)

The founders, Vanessa (The Wolf) and Harry (The Bear),

have created a brand that is an extension of themselves and their ideals, and we look forward to helping take their business from strength to strength. Vanessa explained the benefit of the partnership as such:

“Having the Remi platform take charge of our pricing strategy allows us to focus on the creative side of our business, discovering new entrepreneurial pathways

and giving ‘the pack’ the dope products they can’t live without. With Remi we’re confident that we’re making the most of future business opportunities"

A.I-Powered Price & Promotion Optimisation

Wolf & Bear join in partnership with Remi AI to move ahead of the market with world class artificial intelligence for promotional optimisation, price management and demand intelligence.

On the new partnership, Remi AI partner Eamonn Barrett said:

“Wolf & Bear Collective are exactly the sort of business we like to work with, they’re a modern, sustainable business experiencing hypergrowth. The partnership is currently focused on fuelling further international growth and ensuring we’re delivering the greatest value to their clients through machine learning pricing and promotions.“

For anyone interested in a new sustainable fashion brand, feel free to visit the Wolf & Bear Collective team via any of the links below.



Stay tuned on the Remi AI blog as we build out the complete supply chain offering!

Or, if you're ready to start seeing the benefits of A.I-powered inventory management, start the journey here.
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