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Bringing A.I to the vine

For the last 9 months, Remi AI has been working with a major US vineyard to bring our image recognition capabilities to help them with understanding grape health, size and count. For vineyards of great size, this will help with accurate forecasting of the harvest yield.

We’ve been building out the AI systems and datasets to automatically monitor grapes across their 1,000s of hectares of vineyards. Our AI capabilities now include:

  • The ability to identify the width of individual grapes with an 0.3mm accuracy

  • To identify grape bunches and estimate the grape count in each bunch.

We are excited to be bringing this project to the Australian vineyards and are proud to announce we’ve partnered with Tulloch Wines on a pilot. Tulloch Wines, in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, were enthusiastic about helping us bring this technology to Australia. Last week we took a field trip to the Keith Tulloch Vineyard to better understand how best to roll out our software, and the potential issues related to a vineyard.

Joining us on this trip was Terratest Aero, who specialise in drone surveying and photogrammetry. Given the issues around uneven ground and the relatively lower prices associated with drones over autonomous ATV units, we believe UAV will present a cost effective component for this exciting project.

More to come!

The Remi Team


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