Demand Forecasting & Demand Planning

Remi AI’s Demand Planning Solution, powered BY machine learning, delivers accurate forecasts that factor in seasonality, Trends, promotions, Weather, competitor behaviour and events.

Collaborate across departments and automate forecasts to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.
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Accurate, Automated Forecasts

Automated Forecasts

Develop a competitive advantage with accurate, automated forecasts.

  • Machine Learning Forecasts that factor in seasonality, promotions, weather, competitor activities and trend. All fully automated.
  • The Remi AI Forecast engine automatically assigns the best forecast model to each SKU and Location.
  • Quickly adjust & share forecasts for individual SKUs, any level of product, or channel aggregation.

Results after 6 Months with Remi AI

of customers who had a
previous forecast saw
a forecast accuracy improvement
of customers improved their
accuracy with
Weather Demand Drivers
Forecast Accuracy

Other Features

Key Features Include:

  • New Product Forecasting

    Remi AI can help identify the best benchmark skus for your new items by leveraging our product similarity matching. It uses key attributes, including name, price, pack size to help you build your new product forecast.

  • Demand Driver Report

    Our monthly Demand Driver Report gives you a bigger picture view of how individual events and other demand drivers are increasing or decreasing your sales.

  • Scenario Planning
    Test different hypothetical scenarios to see their projected impact on Stock Position and Fill Rate.


9% Forecast Accuracy Improvement for a $12 Billion National Manufacturer

Demand Sensing Forecasts delivering a 9% Forecast Accuracy Improvement across the 12 Week Forecast Horizon

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