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COVID-19 Response Offer

Is COVID-19 bringing uncertainty to your demand? Is your historical data unreliable in these conditions? Remi AI can help.

Remi AI is offering 3 months free COVID-19 Demand Forecasting to help you understand the likely demand challenges during this unprecedented period.

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Remi AI is monitoring the situation closely and working with our clients and partners to solve the supply and demand challenges arising from the crisis, and preparing for the 'new normal'.

COVID-19 is a first and foremost a tragic health event in human history, affecting people right across the globe to an unprecedented degree. Adding insult to injury, many people's jobs and livelihoods are at risk due to quarantine measures and changing consumer behaviour.




Supply Chain


Ensure that your business is ready to weather the storm, and emerge from this challenging time stronger than ever.

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 COVID-19 Retail Report


Through our work with our clients and partners, we have seen the impacts of COVID-19 in retail and manufacturing first hand.


We have prepared this report to show where actions can be taken to combat Supply and Demand side challenges


Blog: Retail Action plan

Building on the supply chain checklist above, we have gone into detail on some of the actions that Retailers can take right now to help weather the COVID-19 storm and begin to position themselves for the 'new normal'.

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COVID-19 case forecasting and geographical data - request access now!