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Supply Chain Efficiencies delivered through

Demand Forecasting

Jun 2018, Sydney

Eamonn Barrett

Increase stock availability through accurate demand planning with a long supply chain

A major Australian Retailer was looking for ways to improve its demand forecasting to aid its replenishment cycle and to prioritise its reordering across more than 150 stores nationwide. The stores were subject to unique individual trends at a SKU level and promotions were found to again have unique impacts at a store level. 

Remi Ai's Intelligent Inventory Platform was utilised to provide daily and weekly demand forecasting at each store. The Intelligent Inventory Platform uses AI to improve demand planning and reinvigorate replenishment based on customer behaviour in every store. Focusing initially on hardware and other short life cycle products, it increased profitability by reducing missed sales and eliminating waste.


  • Expected 2-3 days‘ reduction in stockholding in-store

  • Up to 23% shelf gap reduction

  • Reduced waste and markdowns

  • Simplified and optimized replenishment

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