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Demand Forecasting for an Australian

Consumer Wholesaler

Nov 2019, Sydney

Eamonn Barrett


One of Australia’s largest wholesalers supplying some of Australia’s largest companies


A manufacturing operation combined with a complex supply chain and powerful customers


AutoML demand


Increase stock availability through accurate demand planning with a long supply chain and rapid turn around in order time


The client was in a state of flux, acquiring new businesses, and trying to keep all customers happy in the process.

Remi was brought in as a key part of their new technology strategy. The brief was to implement the latest in artificial intelligence demand forecasting methods to begin to align their inventory operation with the market leaders.

We began by connecting the client to the Remi AI demand forecasting suite. The operational side of the Remi team also helped the client change their forecast schedule from monthly down to a weekly cycle - preparing the business operators  for regular replenishment optimisation decisions to be made as the client executes further elements of their technology transformation.

The results of this project were delivered via the forecasting module in the Remi AI platform which was connected directly to the client’s ERP to facilitate batch ordering and safety stock calculations. The operational and technological changes implemented for this client have driven more efficient inventory management and business planning, and allow the client to test the world of A.I in their business operations.

demand forecast general.png
demand forecast general.png
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