The Steps to Auto-Supply Chain

Powered by AI

Accurate Demand Forecasting

By integrating Accurate Demand Forecasting, you’ve taken the first step toward an Auto-Supply Chain. This can be done two ways, we offer APIs that you can integrate yourself, or if you’d like us to handle the integration, please reach out to one of our Engineers who can get you setup quickly.


Using Machine Learning to deliver highly accurate demand forecasting across a range of dimensions. Recent developments in Machine Learning now mean that valuable, additional information such as promotions, pricing, supplier behaviour and other inputs can all be considered in the demand forecast.



AI Driven Replenishment Suggestions

By Integrating Decision Making AI into your Replenishment Cycle, you can massively improve your Inventory Management. Our ai platform can optimise your replenishment decisions across inverse constraints including:

Holding Costs

Stock Outs

Reordering Costs

Transport Costs

Expiration Costs




This is the most advanced & beneficial stage of ai driven supply chain. Our Auto-Replenishment Platform is capable of fully autonomous inventory re-ordering and optimisation.


This integration can be completed in one of three ways.


  1. We can integrate our Platform into your ERM.

  2. You can move your inventory management across to our Inventory Platform.

  3. We can build out a full simulation of your Supply Chain with our integration partners, PwC.



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