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Sales Candidate Follow Up Exercise


As a salesperson, tenacity and communication are key competencies required to succeed in the role. Many sales activities require the ability to communicate succinctly and effectively, and the “follow up” email is an important tool in your arsenal. This simple exercise will test your ability to communicate relevant information in writing, as well as your ability to understand and summarise a prospect’s challenges, and how our system could help.



You have had an initial 20 minute call with an executive at a large ecommerce company, a direct competitor to Gymshark, and you have qualified them. You briefly talked about their inventory management challenges, their goals in this area, and plans to achieve them. You have also made sure that they have the budget and that their timeline is appropriate.



Craft a follow up email to your meeting with the prospect. Please feel free to use any structure you like if you have found one that works well for you in the past. In general a good structure shows that you understand the prospect’s challenges, demonstrates how our services can add value to their business, and lists out the next steps.


  • Feel free to make up a challenge that the executive has told you. Most retail businesses have 1 or 2 key inventory issues that they’re dealing with. Show your ability to empathise with our customer base by conducting some research into this area

  • Our website has a lot information that will help you to summarise how our services could help a prospective customer


  • Succinct and eloquent communication (200-250 words max)

  • Appropriately summarises the client’s challenges

  • Appropriately links the client’s challenges to our value proposition

  • Tactically outlines the next steps

  • Is personable and friendly in their communication style


Please email Eamonn Barrett at within a week of receiving the Sales Test Email

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