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Remi Teams Up with USyd Students!

Remi AI is excited to announce a collaboration with the University of Sydney Business School on a student consulting project. The 5 person student team comes from the Master of Management program and will immerse themselves in all things A.I for the next few months. From here they will get to work on helping the Remi team with key challenges the business faces

Business projects have dual benefits - allowing business students to apply the skills they have picked up during their time at university with a real world client, while helping a business overcome a legitimate challenge with the help of an objective opinion.

Remi AI is proud to take on a student group from one of the top education institutions in Australia.

Founding Partner, Eamonn Barrett, on the project:

“Remi has a long relationship with the University of Sydney, with three of the four founders attending as students. Since we’ve left it has been great for that dynamic to transition and now I can’t wait to dig into this work with the project team. Having these students with me for the next few months will be invaluable for my team and for us as a business”.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Tina Vissem for making this happen.

More to come…


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