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Remi's Recommended Reading: October 2020 Edition

Welcome to another edition of Remi's Recommended Reading

We seine the internet for all the news of the world of forecasting and deliver it to you in one condensed package.



Understanding the Demand impact of COVID-19 on you Product Portfolio

Learn more here


Remi's Demand Forecasting: Episode 8

Demand Planning and Forecasting for those seeking Ecommerce Domination

Find out here


Supply Chain Dive: Pros embrace AI for forecasting, inventory despite limitations during pandemic

The survey of more than 500 in the industry shows where A.I is performing, and some of the complicating factors.

Learn more here.


Remi's Demand Forecasting: Episode 9

How Artificial Intelligence can supercharge your results


Forbes: Demand Forecasting Has Changed Forever

Outkast: forever, forever ever, forever?

Read more here.


Remi's Demand Forecasting: Episode 10

The indispensable role forecasting plays in Ecommerce success.

Read here.

Not here.


All the best,

Shahrad, Eamonn, Alasdair, and Calum The Remi AI Founders


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