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Remi's Recommended Reading: July 2021

Welcome to another edition of Remi's Recommended Reading.

It has been a little while, but it's good to chat to you all again.

As usual, we've got some industry articles, some of our own thoughts and then some Remi news.

Hope you enjoy!


tik tok cranberry gif

The TikTok Effect on Demand Planning

If that makes you say "What?" click here.


Eamonn Barrett Calum Hamilton Alasdair Hamilton Irina Barykina

Remi has Raised! Remi and Boab/Artesian VC Partner to Accelerate Supply Chain AI

Read more here


Forbes: Demand Forecasting Is Always Wrong

Their Three Ways To Thrive With Forecast Ambiguity

Learn more here.


Power Up Your Retail

The first episode in the latest Remi series is here.


In manufacturing news: Data Quality Key to Leveraging AI, Machine Learning

We've been saying it for years, but understand if you need to hear it from someone else.

Read more here.


Introductory Series: Replenishment

Our beginners guide to the world of replen.

Read here.

Not here.


All the best,

Shahrad, Eamonn, Alasdair, and Calum The Remi AI Founders


Want to know more about inventory management and replenishment? Head here to find out how AI can help you avoid stock-outs, or here to learn all about the things you need to consider before implementing AI. You can also see our platform in action via our case studies - including how we helped a wholesale distributor reduce stock-outs by 24%.Once you’ve had your fill of content from our blog, why not drop us a line here.


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