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Remi's Recommended Reading

April has been a month of adjusting.

You'll no doubt have experienced changes at all levels of your life, here's what some of the best and brightest are saying about COVID-19's impact on supply chain*.

*full disclosure, when it comes to supply chain, we like to count ourselves amongst the best and brightest.


Harvard Business Review: Coronavirus is a wakeup call for Supply Chain Management

Find out more

Remi AI: COVID-19 Action Plan for Retailers

Learn more here.

McKinsey: Preparing for the next normal via Digital Manufacturing’s scaling potential.

Find out here.

Supply Chain Dive: How medical supply chains can diversify beyond COVID-19

Learn more here.


Please look after each other and stay safe during these turbulent times

All the best,

Shahrad, Eamonn, Alasdair, and Calum

The Remi AI Founders


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