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Remi AI Partners With V-Net Solutions.

Two experts in their respective field combining to deliver great results.

With a proven track record in inventory management, and a stable of household names in their client list, V-Net Solutions are a real heavyweight. By combining their industry knowledge with Remi AI’s world class platform, the partnership shows a bright future for both businesses, and great results for their clients.

Since 2002, V-Net has brought the art and science of inventory management together and provide a dynamic and 100% scalable Inventory Management System custom-built for the needs and nuances of business and product category management. This collaboration is tied with a global expansion and both Remi and V-Net are excited about the almost endless potential.

The partnership started with forecasting demand for one of V-Net’s major consumer electronics retail clients in Australia, before expanding internationally with one of the world’s largest manufacturers and one of the largest retailers in the United States.

Sales Director at V-Net Solutions, Tony Bugge said: “V-Net is proud to be partnering with Remi. We conducted a global search for an A.I partner in 2018 and it turned out that the perfect match was 20min away in the CBD of Sydney!”

On the new partnership, Remi’s CEO Alasdair Hamilton said: “Partnering with V-Net represents a real levelling up for Remi. They’ve been plying their trade and generating strong results, and now we get to collaborate and build upon their already outstanding work. It’s definitely one of the most exciting things we’re doing at the moment”

Watch this space for more exciting news from V-Net Solutions and Remi AI.


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