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Remi AI Partners with MoxBox Logistics to deliver supply chain excellence.

The New York-based firm is looking to generate improvement for their clients and will leverage their deep domain experience with the technological capability of the Remi platform.

The brainchild of Deirdre Tshien and Bona Rai, MoxBox specialises in Forecasting, Fulfilment, Storage, and Inventory Management. The team has extensive experience in bringing innovative solutions to market, as well as a range of clients in the perishable FMCG space. MoxBox came to Remi to take advantage of the state of the art forecasting technology the platform offers, which forecasts demand for each individual SKU using a bespoke model - which is perfect given the differing demand profiles their various clients have.

On the replenishment side, Remi and MoxBox will first partner to take on a client with a complicated supply chain involving shipment from the head office across the Atlantic, one warehouse, four stores, an eCommerce store and distribution through 3rd parties such as Amazon and QVC. With complex constraints affecting replenishment from different angles, the Remi platform will output decisions that also take into account the relative short shelf life of chocolate to ensure that we find the tension between reducing out of stocks and being left with dead stock past its use by date.

A.I-Powered Inventory Management

On the new partnership, Remi AI partner Calum Hamilton said: “Remi and MoxBox have an aligned vision of what A.I can bring to logistics - accuracy and confidence. For us, this partnership represents an exciting opportunity to work with people at the top of their game and deliver some really exciting results for shared clients.”

MoxBox co-founder, Deidre Tshein added “We're really excited to be working with a fast-paced and agile partner to help solve real and costly problems for our clients.”

More to come.


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