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Remi AI Integrates the Pricing and Supply Chain Platforms!

Earlier this year, the Remi AI team was busily on-boarding clients to both our Supply Chain tool and our Pricing tool. At the time these were two distinct offerings, but as we took on more clients we noticed clients for both tools had similar ambitions, so someone suggested we combine the two.

After much deliberation over why it took us so long to have this epiphany, we put a plan together to integrate the two modules together under one platform offering. Fast forward until now, after months of hard work ensuring that the functionalities of each were compatible, that there was no crossover, and that we could continue to easily onboard new clients, and transition our current clients across to the new offering.

The whip-smart folks in the Remi UX and Product teams joined forces to bring the integrated platforms to life with all of the functionality we’ve become known for:

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Replenishment Recommendations

  • Price Recommendations

  • Allocation Recommendations

Plus some additional insights on pricing scenario analysis.

Below is a screen-grab from the new Price Optimisation module, and you can see that it is now easy to switch between the Supply Chain, Forecasting, and Pricing modules in the left hand panel.

To cut a medium-length story short, we’re excited to have the platforms now fully integrated! If you'd love to start taking advantage of the power these combined offerings.... offer... let's do it!


What’s Next for AI and Inventory Management?

Our humble goal is to revolutionise supply chain management. While working towards solving the above 4 pain points (and coming damn close), we are simultaneously working to improve delivery scheduling, warehouse simulation, and global logistics simulation into our offering.

The advantage of an entire supply chain being managed by the same AI platform is the benefits reaped from these different components speaking to each other. It truly is a hugely exciting time to be working in this space.

Stay tuned on the Remi AI blog as we build out the complete supply chain offering!

Or, if you're ready to start seeing the benefits of A.I-powered inventory management, fill in the form below!


Who are we?

Remi AI is an Artificial Intelligence Research Firm with offices in Sydney and San Francisco. We have delivered inventory and supply chain projects across FMCG, automotive, industrial and corporate supply and more.

If you're ready to take the plunge, fill in the form!


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