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Remi AI brings on some exciting clients across different industries during the second half of 2019

There is nothing quite like partnering with a new company to help them solve a problem that has been plaguing their business up to that point.

At Remi we are lucky enough to be helping some of the world’s largest companies with some fiendishly tricky problems, and we’re thankful for the opportunity every day.

Since July, we have partnered with 5 remarkable firms from across the globe and are now helping them via the Remi AI platform in the following areas:

Sales Forecasting:

A multinational manufacturer required greater visibility in their sales pipeline. Due to the nature of their business. quotes were provided for major pieces of work. This presented a forecasting problem, with said quotes taking up to 9 months to be won or lost. The Remi AI team provided an innovative forecasting pipeline for the client, dramatically increasing their pipeline visibility.

An ecommerce service provider was rebuilding their platform and looking to offer advanced demand forecasting methods to their customers. Working closely together, we came up with a solution that would allow the client to offer the Remi AI forecasting methods via their new platform.


An ecommerce fashion line was looking to take their business on the next phase of their technology journey and isolated Pricing and Promotion strategy as priority number 1. Remi AI will deliver Price and Promotion optimisation in 2020, aiming to deliver top line growth and intelligent promotional activities. And if we get some fashion advice along the way, this is a bonus.


A large car parts retailer required an intelligent way to grow their inventory to increase conversion rates without overstocking in any underperforming SKUs. The Remi AI team came up with an innovative optimisation pipeline to sit on top of the regular Inventory Optimisation module to facilitate the client’s needs.

An Inventory Management consultant wished to take the Remi AI optimisation methods to their clients. Assisting this client with their forecasting and inventory optimisation has been a fantastic journey for both teams, and we’re proud to be a part of their digital transformation.

As always, we are excited to be working with such forward thinking companies looking to bring the latest in A.I methods to their operations, and are proud to call these companies our partners.


Eamonn, Shahrad, Alasdair and Calum


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