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Remi AI and PwC Australia to Collaborate!

When the 3 Sydney based founders of Remi AI presented our thoughts on building a lean startup from scratch at an event at the University of Technology Sydney in early 2018, they had no idea that they were about to begin a relationship with one of the ‘Big 4’ professional services firms. Following an “Introduction to Reinforcement Learning” from Remi AI’s CEO, Alasdair Hamilton, we were approached by one of the members of the crowd with a smile, a business card, and the message “we need to meet”.

Fast forward to the current day and the Remi AI team has developed a strong connection with Alastair Pearson and the PwC Australia Analytics team in Sydney. It has been great to align ourselves with an innovative corporate environment with a global network that is nearly as fascinated with Artificial Intelligence as we are.

Projects between PwC Australia and Remi AI have ranged from bespoke AI consulting projects to MVP-style platforms which are currently being rolled out. On our end we’re learning a lot in terms of the scale of projects that the PwC teams work on which has been great for us. For PwC we’re adding value through our internally generated AI/RL expertise.

More to come!


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