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Artificial Intelligence firm Remi AI brings on four more auto-supply chain clients

In March, Remi AI has brought on four major international clients onto their auto-supply chain platform. The firm has also started seven new bespoke projects, bringing image recognition, NLP, Deep Hierarchical Learning to a range of clients around the world.

The new business continues Remi AI’s growth from a successful 2018.

The Auto-Supply Chain Platform includes demand forecasting for all clients and auto-replenishment trials for two of the new clients. Early results in the auto-replenishment POC show that 35% reduction of stock-held is achievable by using AI-driven re-ordering policies, equalling millions of dollars released into cashflow. After these new clients are fully integrated into the platform, it will be another 12 million products being supported by ai inventory methods.

On the new clients for our inventory platform, Remi AI founder Alasdair Hamilton said, ‘It’s exciting to see our vision of autonomous supply chain really starting to materialise. We’ve still got a long way to go in our product pipeline, but it’s great to be working with so many forward-thinking and data-driven companies that are working with us on this vision.’

Remi AI’s Consulting Team kicked off seven new bespoke projects in March.

On the new business wins, one of Remi's Head of Consulting, Eamonn Barrett: “It's been great to see the trust in the capability of A.I grow in the past six months or so. We know that the best A.I solutions have Reinforcement Learning at their core, so to build out tools for our clients that trust us to deliver something truly intelligent is really exciting."

"While our clients are diverse, they all come to us with data-based problems that traditional programmatic or human intuition couldn't solve, or couldn't solve in a scalable, cost-effective manner."

One project the team are proud to work on, a companion robot for sick kids with Ikkiworks, was picked up in Tech Republic. Remi AI built out the language component of the Ikki project, and are thrilled to see this go from strength to strength. Read the article here.

Remi AI continues to expand their capabilities in the Image Recognition space in 2019. In the last month alone, the firm has started four projects. The clients, who are either start ups, or established business bringing a new capability to the market, include clothing recognition for a digital fashion platform and car segmentation for automobile marketing.


Stay tuned on the Remi AI blog as we build out the complete supply chain offering!

Or, if you're ready to start seeing the benefits of A.I-powered inventory management, start the journey here.


Who are we?

Remi AI is an Artificial Intelligence Research Firm with offices in Sydney and San Francisco. We have delivered inventory and supply chain projects across FMCG, automotive, industrial and corporate supply and more.


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