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Artificial Intelligence Firm Remi AI Brings on 5 New Clients!

While playing it cool to the outside observer, internally, the Remi AI team is ecstatic with the progress we have made recently. We have brought on 5 new clients to our Supply Chain and Pricing platforms. These clients span retail, to manufacturing, to wholesale distribution. The obvious application for a supply chain or pricing solution is in retail so it is so exciting to see the uptake across several different domains.

Remi AI's Eamonn Barrett (moustached) and Calum Hamilton (bearded)

For those reading who are curious about what the application of our tools to your business would look like, an Auto-Supply chain project typically involves 3 phases. We begin with an implementation phase, followed by a pilot, before proceeding to Business as Usual (BAU). Depending on the size of the business it can take 6-12 months to proceed through all phases. While this represents a significant undertaking for a business, the results speak for themselves. One of our clients is achieving upwards of 35% reduction in stock on hand - effectively a direct cash injection to the business - just another way we are helping our clients make their best decisions, daily.

On the Price Optimisation front, our clients are looking to optimise towards a stated business goal e.g. margin or revenue. This is typically a simpler implementation than the Auto-Supply chain, with equally exciting results.

Both the Auto-Supply Chain and Price Optimisation platforms are underpinned by our demand forecasting suite which is a key driver of the platform success. Remi’s CEO, Alasdair Hamilton, has been leading the charge on product development, together with our product and engineering teams, constantly bringing in new streams of data, and they continue to push the limits of Reinforcement Learning in the real world.

Rounding out an exciting quarter, our COO, Calum Hamilton, has been expanding the team to meet demand:

“It’s been a lot of fun interviewing and immersing candidates in the Remi AI culture. We’ve built out the Australian team, and currently looking to add capability to our U.S office. We’ve had to make some hard choices, but all in all, I’m damn excited by what the new staff bring to the team.”

New hires have included computer scientists, a machine learning researcher, and front end developers. The image below is an example of the work of our design and front end team on our re-designed demo dashboard.

Our freshly re-designed dashboard

“We’ve been really excited about the first few versions of the platform have been received, but the next few months are where things get interesting. The plan is to build out part of the platform so the AI shows the user how it has made its decisions. Offering interpretability and peace of mind.”

Founder Eamonn Barrett

We’re excited to see what the coming quarter holds for us!


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