AI Inventory Planning Solution

Remi AI’s End-to-End Inventory Planning Solution enables you to optimize your Supply Chain Planning through aligning Demand Planners and Supply Planners

AI Inventory Optimization

Results after 6 Months with Remi AI

average inventory reduction
across our customers
average reduction
in lost sales across our customer
Forecast Accuracy

Increase availability while reducing inventory held

End-to-end inventory planning

Using Demand Sensing and AI Optimization to predict your customer demand across your supply chain, better anticipate inventory requirements and plan your end-to-end replenishment and allocation to optimize your supply.

User-Friendly Optimization

Drive significant business outcomes with User-Friendly Optimization on your Replenishment Parameters such as Service Levels, Days Cover, Routing, Min/Maxes. Identify opportunities to increase availability while reducing inventory held.

Predict Supply Shortages
Remi AI automatically identifies potential shortages and alerts you through our triage report. So you can react quickly to mitigate the risk and develop an alternative plan.

Accurate Demand Sensing Forecasts

Improve your Supply Planning with accurate Machine Learning Forecasts. See the upcoming Events and other Demand Drivers in the Forecast.

End-to-End Visibility
With Supply Chain Performance Reports and a Triage Alert System, Planners can get a near-real time view of the Supply Chain. Anticipating Supply-Demand Imbalances and resolving issues quicker.

Integrated Supply and Allocation Planning
Bring together Supply and Allocation to align around a central forecast, and develop a holistic Supply Plant, ensuring that the key business decisions are based on a shared view of replenishment and allocation.

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Features section

Key Features Include:

  • Rebalance Recommendations
    Remi AI can help identify the best benchmark skus for your new items by leveraging our product similarity matching. It uses key attributes, including name, price, pack size to help you build your new product forecast.

  • Optimize your Replenishment Parameters
    Test different Replenishment Parameters in the Remi AI Digital Twin to find the best settings, including Service Levels, Days Cover and Min/Maxes

  • Scenario Planning
    Test different hypothetical scenarios to see their projected impact on Stock Position and Fill Rate.

CPG Manufacturer

29% Forecast Accuracy Improvement leads to 8% reduction in Inventory held

Remi AI's Inventory Planning tool delivering an 8% reduction in Inventory Held

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