Supply Chain A.I

A robust planning process supported by a strong demand sensing forecast is a key performance driver in CPG manufacturing

Stock-outs, overstocking, and wastage caused by a manual planning process


A.I forecasting and inventory control


An Australian based coconut yoghurt manufacture


Forecast Accuracy improved by >30%

The client had a planning process in place that took a forecast input from the sales team which was then adjusted to suit the supply chain realities by the planning team. Purchase Orders were then manually created. This process was slow, manual, disjointed, and didn’t incorporate external demand signal data
Remi AI
  • Data Integration
  • Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Demand Sensing
  • Optimized Inventory
  • Demand Triggers
  • 30% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • Integrated and automated planning process
  • Demand trigger event analysis
  • Optimised purchase orders