Demand Sensing AI

Every percentage point improvement in forecast accuracy is worth millions of dollars for a billion-dollar CPG manufacturer

Low short term forecast accuracy at a location level causing inventory mismatches


A.I Demand Sensing utilising weather and global events data


One of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers


9% forecast accuracy improvement

The client had a strong top down forecast using SAP which was then disaggregated to produce a forecast value at the lower levels in the product/location hierarchy. Unfortunately, the forecast accuracy at the lower levels was unsatisfactory, resulting in a suboptimal inventory holding across their DC locations
Remi AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Demand Sensing
  • Weather Data
  • Events Data
  • Promotions Data
  • Hierarchical Forecasting
  • Forecast accuracy was increased by 9% on average.

    This was driven by a combination of machine learning forecasting at multiple levels in the product hierarchy, as well as the inclusion of events, promotions, and weather data.